Since 1947 the Fancy Group is always known to be Progressive, Innovative, Cultured and Sincere in all their dealings and will remain the same so in the years ahead, Inshallah. 

As part of Fancy Group, FIMS (Fancy Industrial Management Services Private Limited) is an emerging, dynamic and progressive organization in providing Catering Services and Facility Management to various industries. FIMS is competing against the experienced and established players who are already in the market but, due to our particular way of dealing, handling and caring, we are equally at par with our fellow competitors.

FIMS emphasize on quality and not quantity of work which is the main reason behind our clientele growth.  The food we offer is full of nutritional values which are necessary for any human intake.

At FIMS we have qualified food production staffs who work according to the need and desire of our customers. For any special diet order  the Cook and the Food Technologist work together in order to prepare that particular meal whether it is WORB free diet or CAPS free diet or else.  Hence it is proven that we are not only providing the quality meal but instead the food we provide is full of Nutritional values and hygienically safe.